About Us


 Assiter Real Estate is a team made up of professional , experienced, realtors. We are a full-service real estate brokerage offering you more options to meet your real estate needs. Our mission is for our clients to receive the results they desire, while making the sales process a fast, no hassle solution. We care about our clients needs and understand that everyone's situation is different. That is why we offer more options to see what fits best with your selling needs and what will get you top dollar!

For over 40 years, Assiter Auctioneers has successfully conducted well over 6,000 auctions in all 50 states and seven foreign countries, converting over $6 billion worth of assets to cash. We're a full-service auction company that understands that 90% of the success of an auction is predicated on the work performed prior to the event. We effectively utilize all of our resources to research, promote and powerfully communicate the key selling points of each property.

Our highly-experienced marketing staff and internationally award-winning auctioneers know that every auction is unique.  Understanding the changing dynamics of an auction, we use our expertise to conduct skillfully managed, highly professional events.

The number one mission at Assiter Auctioneers is to ensure that our clients receive the results they desire, while making the auction process an easy, no hassle, solution. Our philosophy for building long-term relationships is simply focusing on the quality of the transaction instead of quantity.

We believe our growth is a product of maintaining a high level of integrity and professionalism.  Regardless of the increasing demand for our services, we embrace our heritage from our humble beginnings to becoming an internationally recognized name in the auction profession.

We are firm in the realization that we must represent you in the most professional way, placing the same value on your reputation as we do our own.