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If you are looking to buy a home, we are a team made up of professional, experienced, Realtors®. We are a full-service real estate brokerage that offers more options to help meet your buying needs. Contact us at or call us at 806.584.8954

Auctions give you the opportunity to bid the price you want on a property.

Buying at an auction can be an exciting time and we want you to have the best experience possible. With the resources listed below we hope to answer any questions you may have. And as always you can contact our auction team with any additional questions you may have.  Feel Free to call us at 806.655.3900 or email at and we will be happy to walk you through the process.

Tips for successful buying

  1. Let the Terms guide you Before you place your first bid, we ask you to review the Terms and Conditions and any special details about the auction in which you are interested in bidding. If you have specific questions you should contact the listed auction agents posted in the auction listing.
  2. Inspect & ask questions On most auction events, we offer viewings and "inspection time" before the auction. The inspection time is typically before auction day for property auctions. We provide open house dates for Real Estate auctions. This is your opportunity to ask questions and be fully informed before placing bids.
  3. Multi-Property Auction Lots The auction will sell in numerical order corresponding with lot numbers attached to each item. During our live auction events, a printed sale day buyers guide will be given to you upon registration. Descriptions can be found for the items in the printed buyers guide as well as on our website for online buyers.

Auction Registration

Onsite Bidder Registration Registering to bid in person at a live auction event is as simple as coming inside to the registration counter located on the backside of our office or coming to the registration trailer at an onsite auction. You will need identification and be asked to sign agreeing to the terms of the auction. Once completed you receive your bidder number and sale day notes. Happy Bidding!

Online Bidder Registration Click here for a short how-to video

I'm ready to bid

Our auctions fall under one of 3 styles of auctions.

  1. Live Auction with Online & Phone Bidding: You can choose to bid in person at the auction site or online from your phone or computer, or you may also be on the phone with one of our bidder assistants.
  2. Timed Online Auction: All bidding will take place online and bids can be placed from your computer or phone. An end time will be set and each item will count down until the item sells to the highest bidder. When a bid is placed in the last minute the bidding time will extend, allowing other bidders an opportunity to place another bid.
  3. Live Online Webcast Auction: This auction will have a live online closing with the auctioneer selling on camera. All bidding will take place online. Bids can be placed on items during pre-bidding before the auction is live and/or you can bid live during the webcast.


Online bidders will be emailed a contract at the conclusion of the auction. Onsite bidders will simply checkout at the registration/checkout counter. Payment in US funds must be made in full by the buyer, immediately upon the completion of the auction. You will receive a receipted contract from the title company upon earnest money payment. Final payment will be due at time of closing.

Although the sale is not contingent upon financing, financing is allowed!

Closing Day

Your closing date will be orchestrated with the title company stated in the contract. Please be in contact with the title company throughout the transaction. Access will not be given to property until closed and funded.

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