Frequently Asked Question

What should I do when I’m ready to sell my house?

What we recommend you do is call Assiter and get in touch with one of our real estate team members. From there, we will go over the options that we offer to help sell your home, which are, we can list your home, auction your home, or we will even buy your home. Together we will figure out which option works best for you and your home to help get you that top dollar.

Aren’t Auctions just for distressed properties?

This is a common misconception that is very far from the truth. Auctions are used every day to sell commodities all over the world. The more rare and unique that your property is or your asset is, the more money it will bring at auction. In fact, every day high-end commodities are sold at auction in no distressed situation, such as cars, livestock, and anything in between. Your high-end commodity or asset-like property will sell well at auction because we offer a competitive open transparent bidding structure that often nets the seller the most money.

What is different about selling my home through auction?

The main difference is that you know the date your home will sell and you can plan for it.  We feel that the auction process is the best method most of the time but not all of the time. That is why we offer more options than any other agency in town so we can help get your property sold. Contact us so we can consult with you about your property needs.

What kind of property does Assiter & Associates sell?

Assiter & Associates sells all types of properties. This can include commercial, residential, investment, farm and ranch, we also sell estate properties, and we can do the contents included in that estate. The Assiter family is well recognized in the auction business. They have turned over 6 billion dollars worth of assets into cash.

What options does Assiter Real estate offer for the sale of my property?

First and foremost, we at Assiter want you the seller to understand that you have options. Assiter real estate offers more options to sell your home than anyone else in the panhandle. We can offer you 3 methods to sell your home.  We can list your home, auction your home, or we can buy it for cash. Although traditionally listing your home is most common, we feel that every situation is different. Call us today and one of our real estate team members can reach out to you and we can figure out what works best for your timeline and can help get your family the most money for their home.


What does a Real Estate auction look like? Auctions on Assiter Auctioneers are not like auctions on Ebay. They're authentic auction experiences that often take place in real time as well as online. Just like you have probably seen on television, people arrive at the auction's location, browse the property, and place their bids. The difference is that with Assiter Auctioneers, the auction action takes place online, over the phone as well as on location.

Some Assiter Auctioneers auctions are online-only. These auctions are not taking place live, and all bids are accepted online.

Some Assiter Auctioneers auctions are live only. These auctions do not accept any online bidding, but prospective bidders can view details about the auction online such as the auction location, catalog, and details surrounding the auction.

How do I register for an auction? Creating your Assiter Auctioneers account is fast and easy. You can register to bid online for any auction on our website. If you want to bid in person at any of our live auctions, you will need to register at the auction location. In addition, some of our auctions will allow bidding on our mobile app.

Where can I find the terms and conditions for an auction? Terms and Conditions are located both on the main auction event page and on individual lot pages.

How does an auction end? An auction only ends when bidding has stopped. Some online auctions can also have dynamic or extended bidding. The auction will close only when bidding has stopped for a specified amount of time. If dynamic/extended bidding is active it will be mentioned in the terms and conditions along with the amount of time between bids necessary for an auction to close.

How do I know I if I've won an auction? You will receive a contract via email when you are the winning bidder.

How do I pay for my items? Payment terms are specified in the auction's terms and conditions.

Do I have to have all the money on the day of sale? No. Typically for a real estate auction you will need 10% of the contract price to be put down for earnest money on the day of sale. Financing is allowed for the remaining balance due, but please know sales are not contingent upon financing.

How can I contact the auction company?

Click Here for our Contact Us Page

What type of real estate can I sell through auction? We sale all types of properties in all types of condition all over the United States. Residential, Commercial, Farm/Ranch, Estate, Land, and Investment properties.

How do I print an auction's documentation? On the auction event page under the "Documents" tab there are links to download PDF files of the auction's brochure and packet.


Are there fees for bidding on an auction? There are no charges to bid. Charges are only incurred if you are the winning bidder. Some auctions may be subject to a buyer's premium charge, which will be outlined in the terms & conditions of the auction.

How can I see the status of the items I've placed a bid on? Click on "My Account" in the top right of every bidding page when logged in with your bidding account. That will bring up a list of the items you've placed bids on. Each item will list the time left in the auction, the current bid, your maximum bid and the status of the auction.

Can I raise my maximum bid (even if no one has outbid me)? You may increase your maximum bid at any time before the auction has ended. If you decide to increase your bid while you are still the high bidder, the current bid will not increase (you will not be bidding against yourself).

How can I make sure I'm seeing the most up-to-date bids? Lots will update in real time. You can also click the refresh button on your browser to reload the bidding application to make sure it up to date.

Why can't I place a bid? To place a bid, you must be registered and approved for the auction. See how to register for an auction for a video on registering for online bidding.

How do I remove a bid? Once a bid has been placed, there is absolutely no way to cancel it under any circumstances.

What does it mean to "Force a bid"? "Forced Bid" is a bidding strategy by which a bidder increases the bid by more than the next accepted bid (placing your bid at $150 when the next accepted bid is $125). This practice is used by some bidders to discourage others from bidding in hopes of acquiring an item at a lower price. There are many theories on the effectiveness of this practice and a bidder who wishes to apply it does so at their own discretion. The auction company will not lower the price of an item that has been won by a "forced" bid with no other competing bids.

If you have additional questions about auctions, please contact Assiter Auctioneers at 806.655.3900.